Friday, March 30, 2007

Walsh on Commencement Speakers at BYU of U of U in 2007

My other favorite part about Walsh's recent article is this:

Paragraph 3: "The decision to invite Vice President Dick Cheney to speak at Brigham Young University's April commencement shreds the LDS Church's perennial claims of political neutrality. "

Paragraph 4: "the University of Utah's commencement speaker choice of LDS Apostle Thomas S. Monson. "

Let's do some cut and paste to consistently apply the standard from paragraph 3 to the information in paragraph 4:

Mashup of paragraphs 3 and 4: "The decision to invite [Apostle Thomas S. Monson] to speak at [the University of Utah's] [May] commencement shreds the [state of Utah's] perennial claims of [religious] neutrality."

Doesn't really work does it?

Neither does the original paragraph 3.

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