Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Welcome UVU!

The Senate Site reports that UVSC has just become UVU. Right now, it is a university in name only (literally) but I look forward to having another University in Utah County and wish them the best of luck. I know a few of their CS faculty and they will do well with the change.

As a parent of children in Utah County, I am hopeful that in 15 years when my kids are old enough to attend university that UVU will be a viable option for them--assuming that they can get in. But their father, mother, both grand-fathers, both grand-mothers, a great-grand-mother and a great-great-grand-mother all graduated from BYU so they may decide to attend BYU--if they get admitted there!

[The Senate Site: Utah Valley University!]

My Wow Moment

I installed Vista on my work desktop yesterday because it was a slow Monday afternoon. I've had three wow moments so far. First, "Wow, it looks just like it did before and I am not sure why I did that" Second, "wow, search was fast. Much faster than it was on OS X" Third, "wow, they still don't have support for different background images on multiple monitors"

Your mileage may vary.

Windows Vista – Show us your "Wow"

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Average Sunset on Mt. Timpanogos


This image is the average image created by compositing 43 images of Mt. Timpanogos taken at 99.6% of the lit day over the course of the last 2 months. As such, it represents the average sunset over that time period. The average noon-day picture (taken at 50.0% of the lit day) is bit more murky.
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