Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Nice work Trent Plaisted

So I was running slowly around the indoor BYU track at lunch a while
ago (as I often do) when I saw one Trent Plaisted shooting free
throws, with someone to shag rebounds for him (his wife?), on one of
the hoops at the volleyball court.

That paid off nicely tonight. Nice work.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Overheard on NPR

On NPR this morning they were commenting about how the risk of anyone being fatally exposed to rocket fuel gas from the spy satellite was "only 3% and even then you'd have to hold your face next to it and breathe for a while"  Clearly, this was just a pointless display of military might. 

Suppose the satellite had not been shot down.  And it hit a populated area.  And someone died. 

Would the NPR commentators have said:  gee, it was only a 3% chance, I guess we rolled the dice on that one and came out wrong.  Well, in the end, that was a good call to take a 3% chance. 

That's why I only listen to NPR during the Leg. Session.  Their coverage has more depth than anyone else's (in the morning at least, Nightside project all the way in the evening). 

First time I saw that

One of my hobbies is watching the mountains so that I can watch avalanches roll down through the cliff bands.  I am pretty good at it, not that it's very hard, and have seen a fair bit of avalanche activity on Timp.  At least before our kids were born.  Sitting by the window and watching for avalanches isn't that compatible with raising kids.

So while I was driving home today I watched the tail end of an avalanche coming down the front of Y mountain.  From the first cliff band above the Y and north of the Y.  I couldn't watch if for long as the light turned green.  But a cursory glance at another red light revealed that the run out got quite a way down the mountain.   Looks like there's enough snow this year to get interesting activity below 8,500 feet. 

He's got a point

Tony Caputo (mmm, Italian) says "Our government, both federal and state, is opposed to someone eating salami, but they're not opposed to us being in the environment with toxic nuclear waste"

He's got a good point. 

If we can't important some salamis because they are too dangerous, then,um, why should nuclear waste be any safer?

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

That's too bad

I see that our legislature repealed in-state tuition for the children
of illegal immigrants. Bad call.

Yet another indication that our Republican Legislators are out of touch.

If some kid graduates from High School and gets accepted at a college
or university and his/her parents have established residency in Utah,
even illegally, then that kid should get in state tuition.

Someone please tell me why this was a good idea. I can see repealing
in-state tuition for their parents, who broke the law, but why do the
kids have to pay for it too?

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

I wish I'd waited 45 minutes to vote

Because I had to wait 1 hour and 30 minutes to vote in my precinct in Orem. 

Mostly I felt sorry for the poll worker volunteers.