Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Senator Hatch running unaffiliated?

The world according to Bob Aagard points at that Hatch's party affiliation is left blank on his declaration of candidacy. [see The World, According To Me: Hatch = No Party Affiliation?].

Hmm. I suppose that's a strike in favor of the gentleman from Utah. While I identify more with the Republican party than I do the Democratic, I find strident conservatism in the Republican party tough to stomach sometimes. The farther Hatch is from that the better. I should add for completeness that I find strident liberalism or progressivism in the Democratic party so unappealing that I am a Republican.

In the end, I bet it is much ado about nothing. A clerical error easily fixed.

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Stenar said...

Senator Hatch, still as loony as ever.

In honor of Senator Nutcake, I have designed a T-shirt for him.

The T-shirt says: "Senator Hatch is a Nutcake." CLICK HERE TO SEE THE T-SHIRT. This refers back to my blog from Sept. 2005: Bloglet: Hatch is a nutcake!

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