Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Way to go Pete!

Pete Ashdown's putting on a sort of reverse-fundraiser dinner to raise money for charities that deal with hunger. Very creative thinking by a political candidate. Now if Pete could switch his stand and become more like a tradiational Democrat and favor government involvement in the regulation of pornography on the internet, then I could actually vote for him in November.

I asked Sen. Hatch at a pre-state-convention lunch about regulation of the internet. His answer convinced me that he doesn't really understand how the internet works and what role government might play in regulating the internet. I think Pete gets it (I've been using the internet since 1994 so Pete's got 7 years on my) but I don't agree with his stand on Internet porn.

[Pete Ashdown%u2019s Campaign Journal � Feed the Hungry not Politicians]


Pete Ashdown said...

Mike, thanks for the kudos.

I have done more to protect children from pornography on the Internet over the past decade than the federal government has done in regulating pornography over the past century.

I'm interested in hearing your solution for Internet pornography. Considering the government has already attempted to regulate spam and failed miserably, how do you see regulation efforts on pornography working out differently? I can thump my chest like the rest of the politicians, but I won't because I prefer real world solutions over political rhetoric.

Mike Jones said...


As always, you honor our humble blog with your comments, seriously.

Work is killing me right now, I'll get back to you on this issue.