Monday, September 04, 2006

Best Disc Golf Course in Utah (County)

Would be the new Art Dye Course in American Fork. We played the first 12 holes this morning (before I had to get home). Interesting layout, unlike Bicentennial in Provo. Challenging, but not overwhelming like the Rock Canyon Course.

The course at Solitude, discussed in the
Salt Lake Tribune a while back, is fun but I lost 2-3 discs. I made an epic 1,229 foot drive downhill on no. 18 at Solitude but sadly I was about 500 feet right of the hole when it finally hit the ground. That's another par 4 at most courses.

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Anthony Barney said...

I have done the Solitude course. I thought it was real fun, I liked that it was more like a hike in the woods than a stroll in the park. We used cheap Walmart frisbees, that virtually eliminated the "problem" of losing discs. Sure we still lost a few, but found a few too, and there is no problem losing a couple $1 discs considering you paid about $15 to play the course.