Thursday, October 12, 2006

Like shooting fish in a barell

One of my projects at work is to learn how to color terrain in the presence of time-varying lighting conditions. This includes things like lighting effects caused by the weather and the time-of-day. The current approach, which is working great until I have more time to spend on this, is to aim a camera out my office window and record images of the mountains during the day. After an image is recorded, a program visits several weather stations on the web and records the weather. Since the images record objects with known colors (like the orange brick building in the lower right corner) we can take the difference between the actual color and the recorded color and compute a function which describes the effect of light under those conditions.

And so this image was captured last night at around 6:45 pm. It is one of our better images and the goal is to lift the lighting function from this image and use it to relight synthetic terrain images as if it were 6:45 pm.
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Anthony Barney said...

Sounds really cool, but what would be the practical application? The only things I can think of would be electronic gaming and training simulators (which are really the same thing, but the latter usually has a serious hardware investment to make the environment more like whatever you are training for).

Dawnawanna said...

Practical application? Movies. If that's considered practical :)

I think you have a very nerdy job :)

Glad to see you posting again.