Tuesday, February 27, 2007

My Wow Moment

I installed Vista on my work desktop yesterday because it was a slow Monday afternoon. I've had three wow moments so far. First, "Wow, it looks just like it did before and I am not sure why I did that" Second, "wow, search was fast. Much faster than it was on OS X" Third, "wow, they still don't have support for different background images on multiple monitors"

Your mileage may vary.

Windows Vista – Show us your "Wow"


Dawnawanna said...

We're not allowed to install it at Boise State for at least another year. Something about IT not being ready for it.

Wonder what ISU is going to say. It'll be lame if I have to buy a laptop and then install Win XP on it (gotta buy a laptop for PA school). I'm very excited to buy all the cool supplies for PA school, I asked for a stethoscope for my birthday.


Neha Rungta said...

The Wow commercials kinda drive me crazy. I had to nuke Vista on my machine because it wouldn't support my wireless USB Adapter. Hows that for a wow moment?

Anthony Barney said...

Here's my WOW moment: within the last week I bought 5 new OEM licenses of a Microsoft operating system.
Win VISTA Business costs $250/license
Win XP Pro costs $160/license
Can you guess which one I DID NOT buy?