Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Welcoming the New Utah County Democrats

The New Utah County Democrats were elected as the party leadership last night. Welcome! It's good to have a viable second party in our county.

They say, on their website, "even our moderate Republican friends and neighbors are now grumbling about how out of touch their own party is to the needs and opinions of real Utahns."

Exactly correct. As a moderate Republican, I was dismayed by statements at my party's convention last week. We are very close to "Republican means anti public education" That's an extreme position I don't agree with. (Not just the "Satan's role in immigration" thing but also just about everyone's statements on education and vouchers).

A viable second party in our county will pull the Republican far right back towards the middle. They won't like it, but it will be good for our state.

The other way to pull the county Republican party back to the middle is to get moderates elected as delegates and then as party leadership. Unfortunately, moderates tend to be uninvolved other than voting every 2 or 4 years in November.


Reach Upward said...

It's not just moderates that have problems with the state GOP. Many conservatives are wondering whatever happened to fiscal conservatism.

David said...

I agree that this is a good thing - we need some balance in this area. On the other hand, it is only good if moderate Republicans actually vote for the candidates that run under the (D). Time will tell on that issue, but I sure hope so.

I wonder if any moderate Republicans could get endorsed as candidates by the new Utah County Democrats?