Monday, December 17, 2007

Rally around JM Bell (echoed from SLCSpin)

Thanks for the tip, Ethan. Now I've got a Militant Progressive t-shirt to wear to my next Utah County Republican Party Central Committee Meeting and a Militant Progressive coffee mug to put on my desk at BYU. Maybe I'll give the tshirt to my Democrat sister in Idaho.

I first met JM Bell yesterday when he took me to task for getting after Jon Krakauer without reading Under the Banner of Heaven. Apathy is, in my opinion, one of the biggest problems in politics right now. Jeff is clearly not part of the problem.

Get the credit card out and make something good happen here.

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dawnawanna said...

I'm the only sister in Idaho, right? You should definately give me a militant progressive shirt. It would be awesome. Went out to his blog today, very depressing.

The day we learned about American healthcare system delivery was the most depressing day in PA school. We can't help all the people we really want to help with the current system.

The day I got to work in the free health care clinic was the most humbling and the most rewarding day of PA school so far. I saw people not taking meds that the needed to stay alive because they needed to buy food for their kids. Glad we get to work in the free clinics next semester. I wish I saw more people from my church in the free clinics.

I hope I can find a supervising physician that will allow me to work in free clinics on the side when I graduate.