Friday, June 30, 2006

Robert Gehrke: That's almost as bad as a blog!

Today's headline article in the Tribune asserts that the recent letter from the LDS church may have aided Cannon's win over Jacob. That's a baseless yet lurid headline that one might find in a blog. Nice work for a real, professional journalist. But Robert acknowledges the "solid" rhetorical foundation for his piece with: "It is impossible to quantify exactly how either moved the final results, but [more baseless statements]."

[Salt Lake Tribune - LDS letter may have aided Cannon win]


Bob said...

While I think that the letter may have helped Cannon, I don't think it was worth the story in the Trib.

The letter (which the Church ALWAYS sends out) brought unengaged people out to the polls.

The unengaged almost always vote for the incumbent.


-P.S. -- While you and I often disagree, your blog is still a fun read. said...

Speaking of blogs, check out the Tribune political writers' blog, Out of Context, including Robert Gehrke's blog posts. said...

it's at:

Rob said...

I miss your posts Mike.

Anthony Barney said...

Where O where has Mike Jones gone?