Monday, June 26, 2006

Whom to vote for tommorow

If you are in the same disticts as I am, then you can help tommorow's close races be not so close by voting for the following...

1. Stephen Sandstrom over Jim Ferron. I struggled long and hard on this one. I liked voting against the UEA's guy (Sandstrom) at the convention and I like Ferron's positions on local transportation and finance in general. However, I didn't like Ferron as a Charter School investor and a State Legislator. I know that might be a reasonable thing, but I just don't like the conflict of interest. The thing that put me over the top was Ferron's latest campaign mailer that included an LDS Church statement designed to support his position. I don't like that, alot. So I am going Sandstrom.

2. Joe Cannon over John Jacob. First of all, Jacob is way too tight on immigration. I visited Berlin while there was a wall. I don't like walls as an immigration policy. The problem is INS. INS is a disaster. If we make legal immigration possible without requiring a team of lawyers or 5 years of beaurocracy then we can get more people in here legally and we can all get along just fine. I like that children of illegal immigrants who graduate from a Utah High School can get in state tuition. I mean, come on, these kids got dragged here by their parents, succesfully completed high school and want to go to college. Let's give them all the support we can. Let's not create an oppressed underclass like they have over in France. Utah is relatively free of car burnings perpetrated by hopeless, voiceless immigrant children. Let's keep it that way. Jacob's campaign was just weird too. The Satan comment was an unfortuate lesson for him in how to work with the media (which I believe is "say as little as possible" if read REAL reporter correctly).

3. Jerry Grover over the other guy. I wasn't sure I wanted an engineer on the County Commision or Council or whatever it is called, but after meeting all of the candidates, I decided that a real engineer on the County Commission is exactly what I want.

That is all. Happy voting and don't get freaked out by those touchscreens!


ProvoDon said...

Vote for John Jacob.
I voted for John Jacob at the State Republican Convention in May as did all the other state delegates in my precinct and as did the majority of delegates that day. There is a reason. We spent several months studying the incumbents voting record and listening to the candidates positions on the issues. It is time for a change and to have our representative in Congress truly listen to us and represent our views. "Temporary Guest Worker Programs" are the height of arrogance from our elected officials - they are not guests and they are not here temporarily. It is time for a change.

Mike Jones said...


Good to see someone else involved in politics at the grassroots level. I voted for Cannon at the Convention although I thought Jacob had the best nominating multi-media experience. I guess that your vote and my vote will cancel out :).

I agree that "temporary guest worker" program may not be the best name for it.

How about: "semi-permanent essential worker" program? That way we properly acknowledge that some guest workers must just stay permanently and we acknowledge that they are essential for our economy. It is hard to argue against immigration in a tight labor market.

My family will be fine if we expel the semi-permanent essential workers because we can afford to pay more for food and other basics. However, other elements of our society, such as those on a fixed income, may suffer more than I will.

As a descendant of immigrants, I say let's fix INS so that people who want to work and live here can do so. Ask any H1B visa holder (I am not one, by the way) what they think of INS. You'll get a very interesting story.

Bradley said...

Well, the primary elections are over but it is probably worth noting that John Jacob didn't run against Joe Cannon. You might also want to be aware that the INS has been replaced by ICE.