Tuesday, January 02, 2007

2 and 0

That's the stat of the day because that's the record for non-BCS schools against BCS schools in BCS bowl games. With a record like that, it's no surprise that the BCS doesn't want to allow non-BCS schools into the game.

This win was significant because OU was actually a good team. Utah's win over Pitt two years ago wasn't a big deal because Pitt wasn't a good team. But isn't that another problem with the BCS? Mediocre teams in the right conference always get an invitation while everyone else has to go undefeated.

We were fortunate to have some bona fide Boise State fans over for the game yesterday (one drove down from Boise all day Monday--for other reasons, our house was just a good place to watch the game). The game was more thrilling than BYU's win over Utah last month. In the BYU-Utah game, I only lept off the couch to my feet once. In the BSU-OU game, I lept to my feet twice.

It's time for a playoff.


Dawnawanna said...

A week later and it is still leading the news up here. We're having a parade next week, I think.

One of the patients at the doc came in on Tues morning after the game all sad because BSU lost. Poor guy, he had turned it off after the interception.

Frank Staheli said...

Nothing could be more exciting than the BYU finish over Utah.

If you only jumped once, I'm sure you jumped off the couch more than twice as high during the BYU win!


Anonymous said...

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