Monday, January 08, 2007

Rashaun Broadus' Bad Day

Broadus is a great BYU team player. Lots of hustle and brings much needed energy to the court. Assuming these charges hold up, I'm hoping this works out well for Broadus in the sense that he realizes BYU is serious about the Honor Code and he re-commits to follow it more carefully. It could also be that he decides BYU isn't the place for him after all. Hopefully the former but if the latter, then Utahania's college sports editorial board wishes him the best.

Salt Lake Tribune - College Basketball: Y.'s Broadus arrested on four charges


Frank Staheli said...

He went from the pinnacle of his college career to crash in about 12 hours.

What a shame, but I support BYU's upholding its honor code.

Anonymous said...

damn thats bad..

but hes a sick baller..