Saturday, February 20, 2010

52 weeks in the foothills: week 8

I needed to see some different mud, so I went up the road north of Dry Creek (in Lindon), over the top and down through the canyon.  Not only did I see some different mud, but I went early enough that the mud was mostly frozen.  And it had snowed a little.  And I found out that most of the people who hike in the foothills in late winter apparently do so in Dry Creek.  Saw about 9 other people at various points in and around the canyon.  Also saw a few deer and strangely enough a tree full of robins near the water tanks.  I guess they hang out there before the come back down into the valley and my house.  

I like the shot of Cascade hiding in the morning clouds.  It was shot from the road north of Dry Creek.  There's an epic picture in that scene somewhere, I didn't get it but I like what I got.  

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