Monday, March 01, 2010

52 weeks in the foothills: week 9

Snow and no contrast early in the week and then mud on Friday.  Wednesday I got out in the tail end of that little storm and ran in the fog with 4 inches of new snow on a hard crust.  The crust was hard enough to run on and with the new snow it was a good day to be off trail.  Except for the lack of contrast.  It was impossible to pick out little rollers or bumps in the snow and confusing to run in.  The picture of Timp doesn't include Timp.  Kind of like that day we went to see Mt. Rainer but didn't actually see Mt. Rainer.  

Wednesday was warm and sunny so I stayed low by the Mt. Timpanogos storytelling park to avoid the worst of the mud.  That was moderately successful as the pipeline road was pretty firm and the Provo River Parkway trail was just fine.  The picture with the text on it shows the radio shack where I usually shoot the mountain and canyon.  

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