Saturday, May 08, 2010

52 weeks in the foothills: week 19

Pretty much everything is green and growing except the scrub oak, but the scrub oak near the trail head is starting to bud.  Tried out the trail the mtn bikers were telling me about a couple weeks ago.  It's a nice little jaunt through a large meadow and a picture is included.  Had another first experience this week:  I got passed on a trail by other runners.  I did make sure that I didn't get passed going up hill, so I do have some dignity left.  Saw 8 trail runners this morning.  Now that I've seen more of them, I think my not getting passed up to this point is more about not running on the popular trails and less about being fast.  They were fast, very fast.  All of them.  

Finally, I'm happy to report that on this, the first anniversary of breaking my big toe coming off Little Baldy Pass, that I was able to run this morning and avoid re-breaking my toe.  This also means that I can be nice to my wife on Mother's Day rather than hobbling around the house in pain. 

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