Saturday, August 21, 2010

52 weeks in the foothills: week 34

This week included a trip to the summit.  Running to the summit is very different than hiking.  Rests are periods of walking rather than periods of sitting by the side of the trail.  And just to be clear, "running to the summit" meant "running about half of the way to the summit and walking the rest."  This was not a record-setting trip.  The main difference, compared to hiking, is that it goes incredibly fast.  I usually like to make it a two part, one night trip with a lay over near Emerald Lake.  That gives time to really savor the beauty.  This time around it was all a blur.  Not even time to really feel the thin air on the way to the summit.  But it was ridiculously fun.  Included a few shots of landmarks on the way up, a close up of an insect and then Primrose Cirque filled with rain about 3 hours after we got down.  The mountain goats were out on the other side of Hidden Lake Cirque.  

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