Monday, September 27, 2010

52 weeks in the foothills: week 39

Whoosh.  Some kind of charge crackles through  the powerlines overhead.  The thunder rolls quickly after that.  Yup, time to turn around.  This week's run in the Timpanogos foothills was short, very short.  I had 1 hour this week to run and that hour happened to be during a lightening storm.  Long time readers (mostly my Mom and siblings :) ) will recall that I'm a little skittish about lightening these days.  Fortunately this week also included a  run in the Hollywood hills around the LA planetarium (ok, I only ran 15 yards and that was just so  I could say I ran in the Hollywood hills this week).  The trail was huge.  About the size of what we'd call a two lane farm road out here in the country.  Did see a few other runners and heard about 4 foreign languages.  

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