Wednesday, September 21, 2005

A deal was signed today that will allow the Legacy Highway to be built north of Salt Lake City Utah. How long will it be before the Good Mayor Rocky Anderson weighs in on the issue? I bet it will be at or before 9 am Thursday September 22. Of course, he might have made his comments already ... if only he had a PR person. I think he's still got enough time left on his current term to work through 2-4 more public relations people.

As always, I love Rocky Anderson as someone else's mayor. I like a politician that says what he wants when he wants to and doesn't pay attention to the consequences (apparently) of his words or actions. I do like the honesty. It is refreshing although Rocky and I rarely agree on the issues.

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google_PEAK_OIL said...

Even with the legal challenges resolved, The Legacy Parkway is not scheduled to resume construction until next spring. Our perceptions of the future of personal transportation and the suburban commuter lifestyle could change profoundly by then. I predict that some of the most ardent supporters of the parkway will be questioning the wisdom of proceeding in spring 2006.
As I write this, Hurricane Rita is perhaps a day and a half from landfall and making an ominous turn northward towards America's densest region of oil production and refining facilites. Katrina and Rita are simply accelerating the arrival of a major energy crisis that would have arrived within a decade anyway. The permanent adjustments to our transportatiion habits that will be forced upon us by this crisis will make the parkway redundant.
I am the author of prediction #197 on I invite any Legacy Parkway supporter to challenge the prediction according to the terms of