Wednesday, April 04, 2007

BYU Protest Update

I took a quick lap around the BYU library today to see how BYU students were enjoying their rights of free assembly as given to them by the BYU administration and American Military power.

Conservatively, (I am a conservative after all) the anti-Cheney protest by the BYU Democrats drew 2 times as many people as the pro-Cheney protest staged by the BYU Republicans. The Republican protest drew about 3 uniformed ROTC students while the Democrat one appeared to draw none. It was hard to spot military uniforms through all the people at the Democrats' protest. Graduation should be interesting. I'll bring a camera to this one.

Since the Republicans are outnumbered 2 to 1 here on the BYU campus, I predict the Democratic candidate will win by a landslide in November 08. Unless of course, something happens in the next 18 months...


Bob said...

Thanks for the information!

"Mike Jones at Utahania took a peek at the dueling protests at BYU today"

Anonymous said...

I would guess that the disparity is that Republicans are less likely to protest or make public displays. I think just a quick look at number of liberal blogs vs. conservative blogs is just one example. This doesn't have me worried about '08. It's the voting that matters and not the protests.

Anonymous said...


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