Thursday, April 26, 2007


[ | County GOP delegate links illegal immigration to Satan]

I got this resolution in the mail as part of my packet for the county convention on Saturday. I can't decide if I should stick around to vote against it or just let the lack of a quorum kill it naturally.


Voice of Utah said...

I say whichever option poses the least embarrassment for Utah, which I assume is letting it die quietly for lack of a quorum, unless you really think enough people will vote it down.

Mike Jones said...

Voice of Utah,

Your comment was insightful. I thought about it comment at the convention. I was pretty sure the resolution would die quickly in a straight up vote, so I stuck around. But as has been reported, there wasn't a quorum so it died quietly.

There was a sentiment percolating to avoid a quorum call and have the vote anyway. But someone wanted to suspend the rules and amend the resolution. This requires a quorum call. So an unintended consequence of the motion to suspend the rules was that the whole thing collapsed like a bad soufflé.

Someone then moved to suspend the rule that you need a quorum to suspend the rules, but, fortunately, that's not possible :)