Thursday, April 26, 2007

VP Cheney at BYU


Being a BYU professor has very few perks. There is no annual bonus. The Christmas present is a book. Although I love the books, seriously, you aren't going to remodel the living room with a book. When I retire, I hope I have a collection of about 30 of them. I already had a copy of the book, it was an LDS triple combination, we got last year. The gift was bound in a very fancy Italian leather. I digress.

But today the perk was a short line to get in commencement and a second row seat. See blurry picture to the right.

Graduation today was excellent. Completely non-partisan. Even the 9 protesters at the gates of campus on my way home from the Marriott (3 pro 6 against) seemed silly and trite. It was a fine occasion. The VP seemed touched to get his honorary degree and I thought it was an appropriate gesture for a guy who's been in government service since 1976.

I hope the graduates all enjoyed the talk. The VP obeyed Mike's first law of graduation speaking. Which is: nobody really came to hear you talk. Keep it short and meaningful then sit down.
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Reach Upward said...

Your Christmas bonus exceeds mine. Besides, a nicely bound triple combo repeat gift is a perfect candidate for regifting. (Unless it has been engraved with your name, and then it would be rather gauche.) A nice triple would be a great wedding or graduation gift.

Anonymous said...

Hi there,

I am wondering about this Italian Leather Bound quad you received as a gift. Would you know how to order one or at least where they ordered it? I have been trying to find this out for far too long. Please help if you can...

Thank you!