Saturday, November 24, 2007

Megan on Hillary Clinton

While driving to Grandma and Grandpa's house for Thanksgiving last week, my 4 year old daughter Megan heard a clip of Hillary Clinton on the radio. It was a particularly shrill clip (Sean Hannity's replacement played it so I am sure it was impartial). Megan said "that's not a very nice person." I said "do you think she should be our next president?" She said "no Daddy."

So there you go. Megan would vote against Hillary. I guess I would too given the chance. But my vote would be based on politics and not neccesarily a sound bite on a far right conservative radio program.


vote for hillary said...

You only need one reason to vote for Hillary: integrity. None of the other candidates have any.

Mike Jones said...

This would be one reason to vote against Hillary. I am not keen on the "give $5,000 in a trust to every new baby" idea.

Sure, we could likely fund the thing by just turning off the money faucet in Iraq (I thought that the Democrats were going to do that once they got control of the Senate and House?), but what does $5,000 for every kid do for inflation when all those kids turn 18?

I don't remember much about economics, but it seems that one cause of inflation would be giving every person an equal raise.

What does that do to the real estate market in 18 year? "Hi, I'd like to buy your house. I have a $15,000 down payment." "Sure kid, so does every other 18 year old who's already made an offer. The price just went up $15,000. Still interested?"

What does that do for college tuition in 18 years? "Hmm. All of our incoming freshman have $15,000 to spend on tuition. What should we do?" "Well, I guess we'll raise tuition by $4,000 a year".

Salt H2O said...

Did someone just put the words Hillary and integrity in the same sentence? Do you even watch the news?

Your post reminded me of the Obama appearane on SNL for Halloween. "She's a witch" If you haven't seen it, go to YouTube Bill is HILARIOUS.

Anthony Barney said...

I have a powerful need to wash myself after reading vote for hillary's comment. Like so often happens, the forces of darkness have left off the rest of the truth to make something incomplete seem like something good. To make myself feel better about humanity, I believe that the phrase Hillary:integrity is only part of a logical comparison. You have all played the game before, tall:short as wet:?? Answer: dry. The whole statement is: Hillary:integrity as racquetball:curtains.
Note carefully that I did not define the relationship merely as some simple opposite, but as a pairing of things that simply cannot co-exist, they do not go together.