Monday, November 19, 2007

My next $11,995 bike

Will definitely be one of these Arantix open lattice carbon-fiber bikes by Delta 7 sports. At 2.7 pounds for the frame, the frame itself weighs about 8 to 9 times less than my current low-end of the high-end mountain bike.


dawnawanna said...

I'm getting a titanium Litespeed Vortex for my next bike purchase. All I have to do is graduate from PA school, pass the boards, and get a job. It's serving as my light at the end of the tunnel.

It's quite a bit less than your selection... For that price, will "your" be a custom build?

Mike Jones said...

I hope so.

The funny thing is that you can get the frame for like $6000 or $7000 and the built-out bike for $11,995.

So that's $5,000 for wheels and components? Wow. I'd just by the frame.

My next bike will be full carbon fiber road bike. I'll probably sell the mtn bike and the road bike and get just 1 road bike. Provo/Orem is a much better road than mtn biking town.

dawnawanna said...

Carbon fiber is so cliche... Go titanium, it'll hold up better when the girls knock it over in the garage. :)

dawnawanna said...

You need to go here for a great review of this bike. It's really funny!