Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Macbook Air: No Regrets Here.

I finally bought a new laptop in December. I knew I could have waited for Apple's rumored new ulta-portable, but didn't and bought a Dell XPS 1330 instead. Now that the new Macbook Air is out, I am happy to say that I have no regrets.

The Air fits nicely in a manila envelope, as demonstrated by Steve Jobs in his keynote talk. Here's a picture of my Dell XPS not fitting in a manila envelope (it was close). Next to the now ruined envelope is my spare big battery. It clearly wouldn't fit. So that bad news is that if I ever have to mail my laptop, I'll have to get something bigger to put it in. The good news is that I can change my own battery, get a high capacity battery, use DVDs and plug in an ethernet cable.

The macbook air is beautiful, but I'll wait for useful and beautiful.


dawnawanna said...

I know I envy your XPS. At school, we've been discussing the possibilities of our computers having a fatal "accident" so that we can get XPS's.

Anthony Barney said...

I really don't see a "Computer Guy" like yourself getting along with a MAC, Mike. I have had fleeting opportunities to use friends' MACbooks. I was continuously frustrated by how un-configurable everything is. I like to think I am also a "Computer Guy". The first thing I do when I buy a new computer is wipe the hard drive and start over, because I know that whatever idiot HP or DELL or GATEWAY or BEST BUY had load the image onto it at the factory, did not know what I like, want or need, and so they load it up with Gigabyte upon Gigabyte of junk, in anticipation that I will be Granny Butterworth and not know anything. Anyway, to sum up, PC's are designed to be upgraded, repaired and configured to whatever extent you the user are willing to do so. MAC's in my experience are designed to be pitched in the trash and replaced with the newest model, and hopefully the configuration can be gotten accustomed to.

Navneet Sharma said...

I bought the XPS 1330 too in January. Somehow it didn't gel well with me. For a non-computer science/engg person, I feel I do pretty well with computers but something about the XPS didn't quite fit.
The initial resistance to Vista made the first week or so really tough. The 'support' was not up to the mark and in only about 3-4 weeks I had given up on it.
To add to it, I had multiple issues with the built-in webcam. They tried replacing the cam and then the machine itself. But that didn't solve the issue.
And then I had to (pretty much) fight for a refund (am glad I kept a record of the case numbers and dates).

That was my lil XPS story.
Visiting blogosphere after quite some time. It's good to be back.

Nice writing.
PS: am not regretting NOT buying Macbook Air either