Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Steven Baugh?

Maybe so. I don't think I am going to switch parties, but I'll give an ear to Steven Baugh. Sandstrom is right, a Republican will likely be elected in District 58.

But a viable Democratic Candidate in our Distract may energize moderate voters in our District (where "moderate" in our District only means "didn't join the John Birch Society in college") and move the Rebuplican party away from the far right.
THE UTAH AMICUS: Meet Steven Baugh for House District 58


Anonymous said...

I wish you would switch Mike, You're not much of a Republican.

JM Bell said...

Yeah, Mike, you don't want to tattoo the 10 commandments onto the foreheads of foreigners. Bad Republican. Bad. Bad.

(Hey, Anonymous, you're a douche bag)

Anonymous said...

Baby killing, queer loving, immigration causing, tax and spend liberals.

Nothing else need be said Mr. Bell.

dawnawanna said...

Wait a minute, I'm all for spirited debate. But you guys degenerated into name-calling pretty quick. Offensive name-calling at that. Although I'll be honest, I found "queer loving" to be way more offensive than anything Mr. Bell said.


The Lady Logician said...

Dawnawanna - I suspect that our anonymous "friend" is not as much of a conservative as he/she is just a random troublemaker that is not interested, or capable, of conducting adult conversation in any fashion.