Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Tough Questions from 4 Year Olds

Christmas brings difficult questions from 4 year olds (Can I have it? Why do Santa's reindeer fly?) But this year we got 2 tough questions.

First, the nature of the internet. Daddy, where did you get our game? We got it on the internet? Daddy, where's the internet? I'm thinking what do you say at this point? Well, it's a bunch of boring looking boxes with lots of wire coming out of them.

Second, we got them David Weisner's book Flotsam which includes a medium format film camera as a central story element. Daddy, what's film? Back in the old days, we used to take pictures with film now we use little cards. (Now I know what it feels like to feel old) Daddy, where do the pictures go on the little card? Do I say well, a special circuit senses light intensity in red, green or blue, converts the intensity to a number and the number is stored in memory.

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Anthony Barney said...

Thank you Mike, for reminding me of the fact that I received these two questions almost exactly at different times in the past couple years. Reading your account made me laugh because I already had to snowplow through that and I probably ended up just like you (knowing the right answer but knowing the kids would not comprehend it, and so just sort of flubbing through with something that sounds close to right, but only barely touches the truth).