Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Best Thai Food on the Wasatch Front

Massaman curryImage via WikipediaWe've been to two Thai restaurants so far in our quest for the best on the Wasatch front. Restaurants are judged based on their Tom Kha Gai, Green Curry, Massaman Curry, Pad Thai and a randomly chosen entre.

Of the two we've officially visited so far, Mekong Cafe in Midvale (Hat tip to Gazelem) at 7777 South State St. is the current clear winner.

My personal favorite is the Thai Chilli Garden in South Provo. But we haven't made an official visit yet, so it's not on the list. I am little scared for the Thai Chili Gardon becase the Mekong Cafe was so good.
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Anonymous said...

It's Midvale. Murry doesn't start until about 7200 So. I will have to give Mekong a try, because it is in my neighborhood, and I like an occasional Thai meal.

Tom said...

I prefer Bangkok Grill on 800 S in Orem. Much better than Thai Chili Garden (or that other place in N Orem). My personal favorites are the Pad Kee Mao (sp?) and the eggplant salmon red curry.

When I'm up in the Ft Union area, I like "Thai Spice." (I though it was better than Mekong, although Mekong was quite good.)

Feel free to skip over the one on the corner of 200 E and 500 S in SLC.

Mike Jones said...

Tom: Thanks for the tips. We'll adjust and add to our list based on your comments. I know that place in N. Orem you are talking about. I can never remember which is the Thai Chili Pepper and which is the Thai Chili Garden. The Tom Kha Gai at the N. Orem was was pretty amazing.

Tom said...

My biggest downers in the N. Orem one (Thai Chili Gardens) were price and service. When I pay more I expect better food and better service, and I didn't feel like I got either. I've only been to the one on 300 S in Provo (Thai Kitchen) once. It was pretty good, but I like Bangkok Grill better. It's okay to miss Thai Ruby, south of BYU.

Anonymous said...

We'll have to try Mekong out. We like Taste of Thai on Redwood and about 70th South (by the DI)

Lyall said...

Add to your list: The Thai Village on main street in American Fork. I love their curry offerings and they have a great mango rice dessert.

dawnawanna said...

Pawits is the best occurring to our class food expert. It's by Cottonwood Mall (where the old Ho Ho Restaurant was). So you'll have to try that one too.

He says they have the best massaman curry.

My classmate says he likes your style.