Thursday, June 05, 2008

Graduation rate woes?

Utah State QuarterImage via WikipediaDespite all our consternation about lowest per-pupil spending, it looks like we have only the eighth highest graduation rate in the nation now, down from the first.

Don't get me wrong, I think we should increase pay for teachers and supplies, but I also think that that's pretty darn efficient.

Maybe other states should try to figure out why we spend so little yet do so much better

From the SL Trib... "The future might not be as bright for many other Utahns, according to an Education Week report released Wednesday. Utah's graduation rate is still higher than the national average, but it no longer is the nation's highest, according to the report. Utah's graduation rate of 78.6 percent is now the nation's eighth highest, based on 2005 data, the most recent available. The year before, Utah topped the country with a rate of 83.8 percent."
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Anonymous said...

I predict it will continue to fall as Utah becomes more diverse.