Saturday, December 03, 2005

Close Nutty Putty cave or require adequate equipment

There are proposals floating around to close Nutty Putty cave. The Utahania editorial board would like to officialy support the proposal to close the cave unless someone can be found to manage it in such a way that people can't go in without proper equipment and training. Like most BYU alum, I made a trip to the other side of Utah Lake and went into Nutty Putty at night with a group of friends. We were completely unprepared and many people did many stupid things. But, fortunately, only like 1 in 800 people have to pay for their stupid decisions in Nutty Putty so it was no big deal.

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Dawnawanna said...

I hope that they close it in such a manner that real cavers can still get in. As a climber we face similar arguments all the time. Some hiker gets hurt or killed at a climbing area, and people start talking about closing climbing areas. It's not the climbers or cavers doing dumb things, it's the unexperienced "explorers"