Monday, December 12, 2005

A few reasons TO live in Eagle Mountain thinks (as prompted by a few Eagle Mtn residents) that it has been a little too negative in its coverage of Eagle Mountain. We'd like to strike a more balanced position by giving a few reasons why we might live in Eagle Mountain and then hopefully some people who do live there every day will chip in a few other reasons...

  1. Easy access to the West Desert. I love the West Desert, it is big, empty and undeveloped. Living in Eagle Mountain would put me about 5-10 minutes from the Pony Express trail and lots and lots of empty space.
  2. Big lots for houses. I am old fashioned in the sense that I would prefer a 2,000 sq foot house on 1/2 an acre to a 3,000 sq foot house on .22 of an acre. I like being able to leave my blinds open and use my windows for letting natural light in and looking out at the weather.
  3. Views of the Wasatch range. It confuses me that people live on the East Bench for the views because all you can see is the city and, even worse, since your view is to the west, then you have to do something to get shade in the afternoon and evening. A view from an east facing porch with the house behind you (to provide shade) to the west is the only way to go. In Eagle Mountain, you'd have the space and the location to get a beautiful view of the mountains off your east facing porch.
  4. Chance to be a founding member of what could be a succesful community.
  5. The town seems to have a good web presence and enough young people that community decisions involving technology are going to go the right way.

Well, that's the ones I came up with. If you actually live there, then you might have some more. AND, you might be able to tell us if traffic really is that bad day in and day out.


emresident said...

Traffic really is awful, but to tell you the truth it is worse on I-15 between American fork and Lindon than anywhere along SR73.

I love living out here, and you are right the views of Utah Valley from my back porch are stunning.

What it all comes down to is lifestyle choices. No one out here expects to walk to a local grocery store.

mlg630 said...

I love living in Eagle Mountain for a variety of reasons. For one, it is usually up out of the smog that often covers Lehi and Am. Fork. The views here are beautiful and we have gorgeous sunset.

Secondly, the people here are friendly and open to new people moving in. They do not have already established cliques that excude so many in other communities.

Thirdly, where some consider the drive into town a bad thing, I have seen this in a different light. Since moving here, I have spent many hours in my vehicle driving places with my children. I have teenagers, and there is nothing like spending time in a vehicle to open up the lines of communication. We have had some wonderful conversations that may not have taken place in a five minute drive.

As with all good things, some sacrifices may need to be made and as is often the case, those sacrifices turn out to be blessings in disguise.