Saturday, December 03, 2005

Ever done the white rim trail?

I (along with other adults, of course) am thinking of taking a group of 14,15 year old scouts biking around the White Rim trail in Canyonlands NP this summer over 4 days. Problem is that I haven't done it before. If you have, do you think it is challenging but not overwhelming for 14,15 year olds? We may do backroads in CApitol Reef instead. I've done them and they are fine.


Dawnawanna said...

Kent says there's one spot where your support vehicle needs to have 4x4 and it's scary to drive. He says it's a good trip, but there's no way he'd do it without a support vehicle driven by someone with lots of backcountry driving experience. He says it's doable for your scouts. Of course Kent did it when he was 18 (1991), so maybe they've made improvements to the trail.

He also says the ride into the canyon and the ride in the bottom of the canyon was great, but the ride up and out of the canyon was brutal.

Do you need to borrow any bikes for the scouts? I'll bring mine down for someone to use.

Mike Jones said...

Thanks for the info. We faxed in our trip request today. So cross your fingers.

We want your bike for sure. Thanks for offering.

Norm said...

Have you considered the Little Wild Horse/Bell Canyon loop near Goblin Valley? It is about 8-9 miles round trip and it takes about four hours. Fabulous hike. It would be perfect for boys that age.

Mike Jones said...

Norm: thanks that's an excellent suggestion. I've started the loop but never finished because I like the narrows in Little Wild Horse so much that I never seem to make it past that point (oh, and the last time around we were packing 1 year old twins through and it started to rain lightly. We left. Quickly.)

I think scouts would realy like it so we might just give it a go.