Friday, January 27, 2006

The farce that is mass transit within Utah County

Gary Thornock mentions that Utah county is exploring mass transit options that my not involve UTA [Gary Thornock's Weblog � Utah County exploring transit options].

How bad is it? For me to ride the bus to work, I would walk 1/2 a block to the bus stop near my house, so far so good. Catch the bus to University Mall. Transfer. Take the next bus to the Wilkenson Center and walk across campus. Assuming that all busses are running on time, that would take about 45 minutes.

I often ride my bike into work in the summer and the fastest trip so far took me 28 minutes on the bike (I am a time/pace/speed freak, so I watch these things very closely). That day I averaged 17.2 mph. The first ride of the summer is usually at around 14.0 mph and around 35 minutes).


Dawnawanna said...

You need a road bike. You could probably avg 21mph.

Mike Jones said...

that was with knobby mtn bike tires. If I put my slicks on I can do 10% faster the next day with no additional effort. But I didn't use slicks at all last year. So really I could have gotten it up to to like 18.9 with no new bikes.

Bradley said...

I don't know that "farce" is the word I would use. I'm sure it doesn't work for everyone, but I'm glad it is available to me. I usually take the bus to work unless I'm late. On the bus, it takes about 40 minutes from my door at home (Spanish Fork) to my desk at work (Provo). It takes about 20 minutes in the car.

By taking the bus, I save on gas and get the opportunity to read for a few minutes each day on books I don't have time to read elsewhere.

Dawnawanna said...

You can go so fast on a roadie. I speed up by ~2mph just by going into the aero position on my tri bike, no other changes. I got a new bike last week. It's beautiful!