Saturday, January 07, 2006

Jordan Commons is Utah's Moral Compass

Or at least that's the impression you might get from reading More Utah "morality" over at the Casserole Bar. That's a nice piece of generalization. Good work.


Anonymous said...

I don't think that Shawn intended to make a sweeping generalization, but he was pointing out an example of how morally hypocritical some people are in Utah. Kind of like the relief society sister who is so good to make it to church every sunday and never say "damn," but gossips incessantly about other people in the ward.

Neha Rungta said...

I think all the people (on the Casserole Bar and anonymous) are using weak arguments to make their point.

The point is Jordan Commons is not Utah's Moral Compass. It is somehow aspiring to become moral police by pulling out brokeback mountain. It is just giving the film more publicity. People who find the subject matter clashing with their moral values were not going to go see it anyways. However, with the whole controversy the people on the fence will be more tempted to go see the movie. This is not the first movie with the main characters being gay. So why all the fuss?

It is a free country. Larry Miller had full rights to show or not show whatever he pleases in the theater he owns.

Anthony Barney said...

Has anybody considered the possibility that there isn't really any strong morality issues driving this, that perhaps, Larry (or whoever actually makes the decision), thought that the movie would be a stinker, and a waste of theater space? I personally don't give a rip who's in it, who directed it, where, or how it was filmed, I just have no interest whatsoever in the story. And I'll buy anybody doughnuts who can prove I'm not part of a large population who will not spend their very spare dollars on such hagus. And I'll bet that Larry (or whoever...) agrees that I am part of large population in this area and was not willing to waste his theater space on a stinker.