Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Why there needs to be a college football playoff

First off, because no Utah team will ever play for a national championship under the current set up.

Second off, the BCS rankings aren't that good. The BCS rankings correctly predicted the outcomes of only 8 out of 16 teams in the top 16 (I picked 16 because that would be a 4 level tournament, if we go top 8 for a three round tournament then the BCS comes in sub-500). But the BCS masters will tweak the rankings and see what happens next year. I got to say though, the national title game this year was outstanding.

1. USC lost to #2 Texas [BCS fails]
2. Texas beat #3 USC [BCS fails]
3. Penn State beat #22 FSU [BCS correct]
4. Ohio State beat Notre Dame [BCS correct]
5. Oregon lost to #23 Oklahoma [BCS fails]
6. Notre Dame lost to #4 Ohio State. [BCS correct]
7. Geogia lost to #11 West Virgina [BCS fails]
8. Miami lost to #12 LSU [BCS fails]
9. Auburn lost to Wisconson [BCS fails]
10. Virginia Tech beat #19 Louisville [BCS correct]
11. West Virginia beats #7 Georgia [BCS fails]
12. LSU beat #8 Miami [BCS fails]
13. Alabama beat #15 Texas Tech [BCS correct]
14. TCU beat Iowa State [BCS correct]
15. Texas Tech lost to #13 Alabama [BCS correct]

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Ethan said...

In my opinion, it's time to

build a bracket,

and let 'em play.