Friday, January 13, 2006

Intelligent Design in Utah, most Utahns won't like it

In what could be the first insighful editorial I've ever read in BYU's Daily Universe, Shawn Curtis voices his support for the decision against intelligent design. Then makes this point "Mormons in Utah are often willing to allow religion to enter the public domain because we are in the majority. Remember that if we allow people like the Dover School Board to endorse religion, the beliefs portrayed will seldom be your own."

Shawn is right. Mormonism while oppresive and dominant in Utah (I'm told, it seems fine to me) is so far into the Christian religious minority in the US that some people don't even know what it is.


Dawnawanna said...

Interesting, I thought the same thing. I don't want Intelligent design taught in schools for 2 reasons. First, evolution in no way eliminates the divinity of God (nor was it ever intended to). Second, I don't want schools teaching religion since I'm sure it won't be the religion I want taught to my kid.

joel said...

The way I think about it is: Why should we be so offended that religion isn't being taught in a science class?
Are scientists angry that science isn't being taught in sunday school?

Anthony Barney said...

dawnawanna and joel have pretty much said it, I don't want a public institution teaching religion, and I don't want religion clouding up my kids' science class. The two can be separated but are not mutually exclusive either. However, many efforts are being made to teach certain cultural aspects of other religions, a humanities or history class is a perfect venue for such topics, and why not include a little mormon history in that too?

Amaduli said...

That Shawn, he's a sharp fellow.