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52 weeks in the foothills: week 1 (take 2)

This time with pictures!  (not sure what happened there, I used firefox with a drag and drop plug in to attach the files, which weren't attached to the final sent mail.  This time with chrome and file dialogues...).  Anyway, the plan is still the same:  running in the foothills once a week for 52 weeks, take pictures, post them.  

On Sat, Jan 9, 2010 at 8:51 PM, Michael Jones <> wrote:
The plan is to run up in the foothills each week this year.  While I'm there I figured I might as well snap a few photos and post something from each week.  I thrive on structure, so there will be 1 flora close-up, one shot aimed at Mt. Timpanogos and one shot aimed back into the valley. 

This is week 1 (December 27 - January 2, 2010).  The sunny day shots from this week were cold.  Very cold.  I went up the gun range trail, free ranged it south on the ridge and then glissaded onto the water tanks road (using Kris Nosack's map and names I don't know that Kris invented all the names, but he's lives in my neighborhood and he's an all around great guy so I'm calling them Kris' names and map). 

The cloudy day shots, taken later in the week (on December 30) were also cold.  It was a little disorienting being up there in the fog.  I especially liked the shot with the power lines fading into the fog.  I stuck to the road that day. 

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