Friday, January 22, 2010

52 weeks in the foothills: week 4

Ran in various combinations of snow, fog and wind with visibility ranging from tens of feet to crystal clear all the way to Spanish Fork Canyon.   My favorite image of the week is looking across Provo Canyon to the south at Cascade Peak in the clouds.  There's just enough of Cascade there to make it visible way off in the distance.  Elk/deer (whatever they are) made an appearance down low but were too far away for someone as ignorant as I am to figure out which they were.  My guess is elk.  

Shin splints fully healed.  Off-trail running on the ridge from the gun range trail was suboptimal as the crust is thin enough to break through but thick enough to give pause before breaking.  It's quite a bit of work.  The days of bounding through the knee deep powder may be gone for quite some time unless there's a big melt or a big snow or both.  

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