Tuesday, November 15, 2005

cold fusion meets 9/11 conspiracy theory at BYU, great.

A BYU physics professor, Steven Jones who studies metal-catalyzed fusion has decided that it is time for a "serious investigation" of whether or not it was demolitions charges and not passenger planes that cause the collapse of the twin towers in NYC.

And, he's got the paper accepted in "Reserach in Political Economy" for 2006. Research in Political Economy analyses "society in a manner that is consistent with classical Marxism". What?! A BYU professor publishing in a Marxist journal? What would the McCarthy-ites have to say about that!

Shouldn't BYU have some way of saying "you can't publish your stuff in Marxist journals that and then go talk to the press about it while waving around your University credentials because it is embarrasing"?

You may remember Steven Jones from the cold fusion days in Utah. While Jones wasn't one of the main "we have cold fusion" guys (that honor goes to S. Pons and M. Fleishmann), he did support their claims. The claims turned out to be incorrect.

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