Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Why Pete Ashdown will lose in Utah. And that's too bad.

Today in BYU's faculty parking lot I observed a car with three bumper stickers: "Leave no billionaire behind", "more tree less Bush" and "Pete Ashdown".

People, get this into your liberal heads: Bush has a 61% approval rating in Utah. Associating rabid anit-Bushism with Pete Ashdown is not going to get Pete Ashdown more votes.

So, I am going to buy some Bush 2004 bumper stickers and some Pete Ashdown stickers and put them on my rig (what Utah County conservative couldn't trust the bumper sticker on a 92 dodge pickup?) to start getting the right association going.

Update: You can get some high quality republican stickers at freedomhq and you can get your Pete Ashdown gear at CafePress.


Anonymous said...

Let's read these words out loud everybody:

Choose, Chose, Loose, Lose.

Mike Jones said...

Yes, thank you. Unfortunately for me I learned (or didn't learn) spelling in an experimental elementary school program that taught us to spell phonetically. Not a good idea.


Anonymous said...

Listen to KSL Radio today; you will be pleasantly surprised.

Pete Ashdown said...

I've got another 1000 "shield" stickers coming in on Friday. Email me if you want some, or drop by the campaign office.