Thursday, November 17, 2005

Solving excercise problems at BYU

Katherine Fajen points out that excesive amount of "flabby butts and back fat" on BYU campus can be blamed on the "five old treadmills, four ellipticals and four stair-steppers for almost 30,000 students!". The horror.

Memo to Katherine: if you want to run, climb stairs, walk etc, Go Outside! Provo has some of the best trail running within 5 minutes of a university campus in the world. The stairs between the Fieldhouse and Richards Building make a fine excercise station. Why, just the other day I saw the men's volleyball team running stairs and puking in the bushes in that very place.


Dawnawanna said...

That really is a pathetic amount of cardio equipment. Even if you can go puke on the stairs (did that for rugby practice). For those of us recovering from injuries, sometimes indoors is the only way to go.

Mike Jones said...

Well, that's another good reason to not get injured :) Angela says that there's at least 6 machines in the women's weight room. How's the injury? I am on course for the St. George 1/2 in January. Should do 5-6 tommorow. I am trying a new "lighter" training schedule to avoid over-training ;)


Dawnawanna said...

The injury is great. Got my orthotics and a steroid shot and all is well. You should see these orthotics, they are amazing (my friend is a podiatrist and he made me them for me). I'm slowly easing back into running. I figure I've onlly got to run 6mi in a tri, so I'm not going to injure myself training for that. Our tri club president calls your training, "Instensive rest training." He says it's very important ;) You should check out my first attempt at a web page