Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Mourning the Loss of an 1848 Black Locust

An 1848 Black Locust was murdered in Salt Lake County today. I am an old-tree tree-hugger. Old trees take, well, a long time to grow. My favorite old trees (at the moment) are: the big tree in bicentenial park in provo, the tree in the middle of Cove Fort and the tree in front of Zion Lodge in Zion NP. (if you know any more, let me know to add to the list).

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Anthony Barney said...

You must consider pretty much every tree at the Picnic Area inside Capitol Reef National Park near Fruita (or at least the commemorative remains thereof). They are all huge, very old and having been planted in the fertile valley by the original settlers of Fruita, a testimony to the varied wonders of the southern Utah region. Also consider an ancient Box Elder tree just across the Cottonwood River inside Wheeler Historic Farm, not only is it big, and ancient, but it has survived numerous and obviously devastating attacks, as evidenced by the 10 foot section of sheared-off trunk that lies sideways before growing skyward again.