Thursday, November 03, 2005

How to die in the wilderness: Keep toothpaste in your tent

Any newspaper article that starts out "When Troy Larsgard set out for a camping trip last weekend, he never imagined his dedication to dental hygiene would cause him so much trouble" is going to be good. This is no exception.

It turns out that bears really do prowl Rock Canyon near Provo and BYU campus and that they like toothpaste. These guys were camping near Rock Canyon campground from the sound of it and the bear came for a visit around 3am. They scared it off and ignored the impression to "throw everything out of the tent."

The bear came back at 9am (these guys sleep in late for backpackers) and tore through the tent. "The bear entered the tent, and while Brent pulled his sleeping bag over his head..." That's great. There's a bear coming into the tent and this guy just pulls the sleeping bad over his head like its a bad dream.

Then "it turned to my brother and sniffed him in the ear and that's when I really started getting pretty nervous" Um, I think I would have gotten nervous when the bear entered the tent, but then again, I am usually 3 miles up the trail at 9 am and not still in the tent.

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Dawnawanna said...

You should read the book "Death in Yellowstone." You'll never keep anything that ever had any sort of food/perfume/smelly odor in your tent again. People in sleeping bags are just tasty candy bars.

You can identify black and grizzely bears by their scat. Blacks bear scat has berries and leaves in it. Grizzely bear scat has bear bells, pepper spray, and hiking sticks in it. :)