Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Vote "yes" early and often for Orem's CARE tax

The proposal is to levy a 0.1% sales tax on ourselves (when we shop in Orem) and on other people when they shop in Orem. The money would support cultural arts and recreation. There are two reasons to vote for this tax. First, it has a snappy name. It is not as good a name as "ZAP" in Salt Lake, but CARE isn't a bad name for a kinder, gentler community like Orem.

Second, for the low low cost of $30 a year or less per family (see caveat below) we can do cool stuff as a community. Doing cool stuff as a community does two things for us. First, we get to enjoy the cool stuff. Second, other people from other cities come to our fair city and enjoy the cool stuff with us. Ideally, they also spend some money while they are here.

Caveat: I made up this number. I guessed that a family would spend $30,000 a year in Orem. This guess seems a little high to me, but even with a $30,000 estimate, the tax comes out to $30. If the math seems a little complex here, then another example might help. If a family spends $5,000 in Orem then they would pay $5. If the spend $10,000 in Orem then they pay $10. Etc.

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