Friday, March 10, 2006

How to Campaign for Pete Ashdown in Utah County

The proper method would be:

  1. Get an old beater American-made truck. Uglier the better.
  2. Get some kind of Republican bumper sticker. This will be easier ethically if you vote Republican most of the time. Avoid Orrin Hatch stickers
  3. Get a Pete Ashdown bumper sticker (thanks Pete! We also put one on our bike trailer in which we haul our twins around, family values count down here)
  4. Place them in close proximity on a bumper. See picture on right. I thought Peter's on the left and the Republican one on the right made the most sense.

If I see it a again, I'll get a picture of a Japanese made car in the BYU faculty parking lot that demonstrates how NOT to campaign for Ashdown in Utah County.


Anonymous said...

Fun post.

I'm going to do it. I'm still giggling!

sarahbellum said...


Bob said...

I recently found my "Minnesota Minneapolis Mission is the Greatest Mission in the World" bumper sticker. I'm thinking I'll apply it next to my Ashdown sticker.

Because elephant stickers are so, well, vile.


Mike Jones said...


That's the right idea! Especially after this year's voting letter read in LDS church meetings.