Sunday, March 12, 2006

Scout Ski Touring Trip on which Nothing Bad Happened

We took the scouts skiing up by Strawberry this weekend. Nobody (not even the adult leader in the above photo) was injured, killed or lost during the entire trip.


The Senate Site said...

Wow. Good work on the ski trip. Maybe you can help supervise the next legislative session.

Dawnawanna said...

Is that you? Is that jump as high as it looks? Free-heels and everything... Nice.

Mike Jones said...

I'd much rather take responsibility for 14 year olds skiing in the backcountry than a legislative session!

Thanks for the senate site, I was able to follow this year's session much closer than ever before just by keeping up with the RSS feed. I particularly liked the legislator's posts about their bills and the process.

Steve said...

SO Mike, I googled my name tonight as I am patiently waiting for my wife to get ready to go out for dinner,(yes I am board), and I came across this picture. I should google myself more often. I didn't know I had made "the internet". THanks for posting the photo.


Steve said...

Mike, thanks for puttin this on the internet. I have never been on the internet before. I'm FAMOUS! I was just sitting around waiting for my wife to go out to dinner and thought I would google myself. Never done it. Pretty cool.


Mike Jones said...


Good to hear from you. We miss you in the Varsity Team. We didn't snow cave this year because the snow was too sugary and shallow. So we dug trenches and slept in them up at Aspen Grove. Still fun even though it wasn't as cold.

Hope things are going well.