Saturday, March 04, 2006

Minions of Satan Force Utah's Crazy Eddie out Bussiness

KSL reports Utah's version of Crazy Eddie, Dell Schanze (or however you spell that), has thrown in the towel at Totally Awesome computers. Super Dell says that the Satanically inspired murderers that we call "the media" has forced him out of bussiness. Super Dell says we are supposed to pray for them too so that they can repent before they die.


Gun Flashing Minion! said...

Good riddance, maybe he can ruyn for the legislature.

Ahnold said...

Oh, nooooooooo! No way!! Not just No, but Hell, NO!

Representative Schanze? Senator Schanze?? Oh, PuhLEEEEEEEZE! Talk about "message bills" not to mention putting him and Rep. Curt "Loaded Gun" Oda together.

Don't give him any ideas... he has the money to make it happen.. though less now. ;)

Thank heaven for all those "Satanic" reporters.

sarahbellum said...

it's about time, but where will mullet men buy computers now?

sarahbellum said...
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