Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Should Have Made my Wife go Instead

I went to my Caucus meeting last night. It was a fascinating experience to see my neighbors in a political setting rather than just at church or around the neighborhood. I am fortunate to live in a solid neighborhood.

But I should have made my wife go instead because she would have had the good sense to not get elected as precinct chair. My Republican neighbors were undeterred by the facts that this was my first precinct caucus and that I currently support the Democratic candidate for the upcoming Senate race (though I will talk to the other Rebuplican candidates for Senate). If she would just quit laughing at me, then I'd feel a little better about the whole thing.

I was surprised to find that I have some opinions about state and local government and I'm genuinely excited to push my agenda to the extent possible as a precinct chair.

The highlight of the evening, however, was listening to Debbie Taylor, who is on the Alpine District School board and a newly elected county convention representative from our precinct (Orem's 37th Precinct, the Fightin' 37th), talk about working with various state legislators during the last session. It was a compelling lesson in civics and local politics.


Anonymous said...

Ok, I'll try to stop laughing. :)

Anonymous said...

Ok, I promise I'll stop laughing. :)

Anthony Barney said...

Wow, "Precinct Chair" congratulationus, or condolences whichever one you prefer. I went to a Draper city council meeting once and a guy in the crowd was really outspoken about some things and when the council decided to nominate a new member, they picked him right out of the crowd. The council held a vote and he was elected in and took his seat at the front right then and there. I learned my lesson based on that guy's mistake: Unless you want people to take your opinion seriously, don't let it out of your mouth.

Anonymous said...

Vote for Mike ! Vote for Mike ! Vote for Mike!.. Oh! you are already elected. Never mind.