Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Boycott Patagonia Clothing.

So this climber down in Moab climbed delicate arch in Arches NP and he can't seem to fathom why that's not cool. He's sponsored by Patagonia. Patagonia appears to be all environmentally aware, they even have an "action alert!" page.

Let's take action by boycotting Patagonia until this guy is no longer sponsored by Patagonia. That's easy for me because I can't afford any of their stuff anyway. But if I was willing to pay too much money for a fleece jacket, I'd buy a The North Face one instead.


Brett said...

Boy, do I ever agree; while I do consider myself an conservationist, there are more compelling reasons for stopping idiots like this guy. First, let stop every yokel who thinks he's spiderman from: trying to climb it; failing; falling and killing himself; polluting the area with his yokel corpse.
Second, corporate hypocrisy. Why does Patagonia feel they are protecting the environment by using their paid schill to destroy one of the most precious pieces of the environment?
I'll join in your boycott, for these reasons and the one you mentioned. The ridiculous price of Patagonia clothing.

Dawnawanna said...

I wonder if he's still sponsored by Patagonia? I could see them yanking a sponsorship for that. Besides his sponsorship is probably just a discount for Patagonia gear. Now that I'm a "sponsored" athlete I've found it's not all it's cracked up to be (usually just free or discounted gear).

Dawnawanna said...

Just kidding... That was Dean Potter, big time famous climber. Patagonia won't be yanking his sponsorship. He gets paid to climb. You probably will have to boycott Patagonia to get them to yank the sponsorship.